How to Boost eCommerce Sales Using Facebook Dynamic Ads

Facebook Dynamic Ads can help you to boost eCommerce sales easily. Have you ever accessed an online store, navigate through the product catalog, click on a particular product and later seen an Ad of that product on your Facebook news feed? If so, then you have been targeted by a marketing campaign built specially for you and that was based on your behavior on a particular website and your interaction with social media. This type of marketing campaign is called remarketing or retargeting and Facebook allows you to implement this feature on your online store. By promoting your products through social media and tracking the behavior of your visitors, you will be able to target potential customers with the right ads and products and thus, increase your chances to sell and acquire new customers.

How can a remarketing campaign boost eCommerce sales?

A remarketing campaign can help you to boost eCommerce sales.

It gives you a way to reach potential customers, those who have visited your site and showed interest on your products. With a Facebook retargeting campaign, you can promote your products to people who are actually looking for them and are more likely to buy. In other words, you will be promoting your products to the right audience.

Let’s look at it from this perspective: if you are not reminded of the products you previously looked, there is a good chance that you would completely forget about them. In the other hand, if you are constantly reminded about products of your interest and get attractive discounts, the chances for you to buy the products at some point are higher. This is the purpose of running a remarketing campaign.

How to get started with Facebook Dynamic Ads?

Facebook dynamic ads can help you to boost eCommerce sales.

First of all, set up a Business Manager account on Facebook. You need a business account to run Dynamic Ads and the process of creating one is pretty straight forward. You can create your account which is free by going to this link.

Second, setup a product catalog on your Business Manager account and upload a list of the products you want to promote on Facebook. If you are not familiar with the process, you can follow the instructions provided by Facebook by going to this link. You can also use our Magento extension Facebook Product Catalog in order to make this process much simpler.

Third, install Facebook Pixel on your store and make sure the events ViewContent, AddToCart and Purchase are correctly configured. You can use the Google Chrome extension Facebook Pixel Helper to test this feature. If you are using Magento, you can install our extension Facebook Pixel for Remarketing which installs the Facebook Pixel on your store and let you enable the events one by one. If you are using a different ecommerce platform, you can follow the instructions provided by Facebook in this link.

Forth and last, create a dynamic ad from the Ads Manager section on your Business Manager account and choose the sales objective that best suit your marketing goals. You can learn more about Facebook Dynamic Ads by going to this link.


Start promoting your products to potential customers and boost eCommerce sales in your online store by leveraging marketing campaign optimizations to Facebook through Dynamic Ads. If you are using Magento for your online store, you can use our extensions Facebook Pixel for Remarketing and Facebook Product Catalog to make the process even more simple!

From the Remmote team, we wish you happy sales!

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