How to configure Facebook Product Catalog for your Magento Store

How to configure Facebook Product Catalog for your Magento Store

Step 1

In order to upload your product feed to Facebook, you first need to export your products into a CSV file. You can create your product feed manually using Facebook’s templates or you can use our extension Facebook Pixel for Magento 2 that will generate you a CSV file in a recurring basis plus it will include the integration with Facebook Pixel.


Step 2

Login to your Facebook Business account and open the Catalog Manager. Once in the Catalog Manger, click the button Create Catalog.


Step 3

Select Ecommerce as the catalog type and click Next.


Step 4

Select the upload method Upload Product Info, choose the catalog owner, set a name for the product feed and click the Create button.



Step 5

Your catalog is created at this point. The next step is to start adding products to your catalog. Click the button View Catalog to continue.


Step 6

From the left menu, click the submenu Catalog and select the option Items. Click the button Add Items to continue to the next page.

Step 7

You have multiple options to add products to your catalog. Choose the option Use Bulk Upload to upload products via a CSV file and click Next.

Step 8

Select the option Scheduled Feed to allow Facebook to fetch your product catalog in a recurring basis. This is useful to keep your products up to date. Click Next to continue.

Step 9

The next step is to enter the url of your Magento product catalog. You can get this URL by going Stores > Settings > Configurations > Remmote Extensions > Facebook Pixel for Remarking. Leave the Username and Password fields empty and click Next to start the uploading process.



Step 10

At this point you should have your product catalog ready. The next step is to link your product catalog with your Facebook Pixel in case you have one.


Steps 11

If you are using facebook pixel to track user events, you also want to link your product catalog to your facebook pixel. This will allow you to identify which products are being visited, added to cart and purchased. In addition, it will allow you to create remarketing campaigns (catalog sales campaigns).

Linking your Facebook Pixel to your Catalog


Creating Catalog Sales campaigns (remarketing campaigns)


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