AI store manager assistant for Magento 2


Our free trial comes with up to 500 interactions. 



  • Open the Assistant from anywhere in Admin Panel.
  • Ask questions about orders, products, customers.
  • Uses ChatGPT in the background.
  • Ask questions like:
    • What’s the shipping method of order 28694?
    • What products were purchased in order 28694?
    • What’s the status of order 28694?
    • List best sellers of the last month
    • List all processing orders
    • List all orders for
    • Get the me details for order 28694
    • Did we ship orders to Miami last month?


Installation instructions:

  • Download the extension and upload the extension files to your app/code/ folder

  • Run the following commands:

composer require orhanerday/open-ai
bin/magento setup:upgrade
bin/magento cache:flush